Header Workzone

Hey! Would you like a header for your CP site/blog? Well, here you can order one! I make headers for free on paint, and all I need is a picture of your penguin, the color, type of writing in your header, and what you want your header to say! Here’s a list of colors:


And I don’t have a list of fonts, but plan to soon! For now, look up the fonts, and choose your favorites!

Post below telling me the what kind of header you want, but if you want any pictures of your penguin on it, you MUST  email me at rockhoppertrackerteam@gmail.com! Also, I can’t do anything fancy like borders, but if you just want a header, I’m good for that! Look at my header at the top because that’s my style! Hope you enjoy!


One Response

  1. You need backgrounds!!!! google backgrounds or go to glitter-graphics.com cuz they have a LOT!

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