Diary of a Puffle

This is a puffle diary that my puffle, Flamer will be keeping. Flamer updates the page every week and mentions his favorite things of the week. Also, his friends Ugh and Lucky may write posts or comment to! Here’s a picture of the puffle trio!


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Well, my name Flamer and I am a red puffle. My owner is Shreddude87. This week, I was walking around and we went into the Lighthouse. Instead of seeing the average band on the stage, it turned itself into a movie theater! There was popcorn and drinks and candy! And the movie! Wow! The movie was great! It was kinda scary though. I hope there is no such things as Living Evil Sleds. Then we went on a candy hunt! It was so fun! Shreddude even gave me a Halloween cookie! Yum! Well, I guess that’s it. I’ll post again next week. Bye!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today, me and Shred were walking in the Plaza when this huge building type thing appeared in my path. We were going to go inside just to see how this work was going. But when we went up to the door, it made this weird beeping sound, almost like an alien! I got scared, so we left. Rockhopper came back yesterday too, and Yarr and I were looking through the telescope. He taught me how to walk the plank! It was cool. Well, that’s my post this week. Bye!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Well, today the Stage opened! From a puffle’s perspective, it was huge. and somewhat odd. There were aliens, and astronauts, and robots, and penguins yelling cut, and a UFO, and a screen with the Moon on it, and a yellow puffle on the balconies, and a script, and a dress-up corner, and…….wow. The Stage is awesome. I hope there is more awesome plays from it in the future! Maybe one about puffles? Anyway, Thanks giving is next week, so I decided to list the top 10 things I ,Flamer, are thankful for. I wrote it myself! Look!


Happy Thanksgiving Penguins!

Friday, November 23, 2007

*Flamer is out of town for Thanksgiving, so his friend Ugh is posting this week*

Hello. My name is Ugh. I’ m black puffle. I’m friends with Flamer. He’s busy seeing family for Thanksgiving, so I’m posting today. Well, I’m sure some of you are wondering one of two things. One, who would name their puffle Ugh? And two, how did Western win the surprise party? Well, I don’t know why my owner named me Ugh, or how the party won, but I can take a guess at the second one. The Western party is the oldest party on the list, so people who are pretty old want to see the party return. I myself wanted it, but wanted more decoration. Now I’m not going to pull a Shred and get in a fit, but Club Penguin needs to take it up a notch. The Fall Fair? Awesome. Halloween? Best ever! This party? Errrrrr…… Well, the reason not many people voted the others is one: the Sports party is old, but not as old as the Western party, and two: the pirate party was good, but not as great as parties in the past. Well, that’s this week’s post. Flamer just wanted me to say, if you have any questions to ask him, ask in the comments or email Shred at rockhoppertrackerteam@gmail.com and that he’ll be back next week. Bye for now!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hey everyone! I’m back! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did. Now, I wasn’t asked any questions this week, but I have something cool to show you! Puffles have Internet access (oblivious to penguins) and we chat on I.M. Our I.M.s are done on P.I.M: Puffle Instant Messaging! I was on this evening ad wanted to show you a chat room! Here it is! Enjoy!


Puffle Instant Messenger

flamedude54: So, what do you guys think of the yellow puffle comin out?

luckster21: Well, I think it’s good. I’ll have a new friend to play with!

uggerman90: You’re always happy. It will be cool, but what if our owners forget us?

flamedude54: Well, I know Shred would never forget me! I’m I one of his best friends!

uggerman90: just wait and see Flamer.

flamedude54: w/e

luckster21: hey! I’m still here!

uggerman90: sadly

flamedude54: I still can’t believe the penguins haven’t found out about the Internet of the island!

uggerman90: Well, they just care about outfits, and parties, they don’t care I think.

luckster21: Yea… I’m on IceTube right now watching dramatic puffle

flamedude54: lol I love that!

uggerman90: Dun, Dun, DUNNN!

luckster21: lol yea…

flamedude54: oh, yea thx again Ugh for doing the post last week 4 me

uggerman90: np, np

luckster21: guess what I found on pBay

uggerman90: wat?

flamedude54: wat?

luckster21: puffle leg warmers

uggerman90: do we even have legs?

flamedude54: idk

luckster21: well guys, I g2g cya l8r

uggerman90: bibi

flamedude54: l8r dude

luckster21 has left the chat

flamedude54: that stage they built is HUGE!

uggerman90: yea… I had a roll in one of the plays my owner was doing

flamedude54: really? wat?

uggerman90: I played the meteor

flamedude54: lol

flamedude54: im goin on IceTube. I’m watching Shreddude Show episode 2

uggerman90: I liked this weeks show. That war was huge.

flamesrox55 has entered the chat

flamesrox55: hey flamer

flamedude54: flames, get out of my chat!

flamesrox55: why? I want to see what u losers tlk bout

uggerman90: not losers flames

flamedude54: wait… don’t you have math hmwrk to do?

flamesrox55: no…

flamedude54: yes u do! I’m goona tell Shred!

flamesrox55: um… g2g bye losers!

flamesrox55 has left the chat

uggerman90: well, now that that’s taken care of…

flamedude54: yea… the link says he was @ the Coffee Shop with that purple puffle

uggerman90: again?

flamedude54: yea… he REALLY likes her

uggerman90: w/e

flamedude54: yea…

pinky763 has entered the chat

pinky763: hi flamer

flamedude54: oh…..hi pinks…er… how are you doing?

pinky763: im doing good…lonely here in the Pet Shop

flamedude54: oh? um… could I come over?

pinky763: sorry flamer… I’m just getting ready to go to sleep

flamedude54: oh…. ok…

pinky763: bye flamer and bye ugh

uggerman90: humm humm humm humm

pinky763 has left the chat

flamedude54: humm? that’s all u said?

uggerman90: man, I just lost it. she’s really pretty

flamedude54: yea, but u don’t freak out about it!

uggerman90: well, you don’t think shes pretty?

flamedude54: I nevr said that

uggerman90: w/e dude…I g2g

flamedude54: yea, me 2 bye

uggerman90: bi

uggerman90 has left the chat

flamedude54 has left the chat

Well, that’s an average PIM chat! I’ll post some more up! See ya next week!

3 Responses

  1. Hey! cool idea i made a website for my puffles http://diaryofapuffle.wordpress.com its under construction

  2. cool

  3. Just wondering…how flamesrox55 likes a purple puffle could my purple puffle Voilet. It doesn’t have to be if u dont want it 2 be. Also♥the PIM idea!
    Shred:Well, Flamer’s brother Flames doesn’t like your puffle Violet, but likes a purple puffle named Bubbles! Srry, this was already partt of my story line and I would have changed it, but it has to go along with the story. You’ll see! 😉

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