This is information on the RockhopperTracker:

  • RockhopperTracker’s penguin’s name is Shreddude87.
  • Shred can be found in the worlds Frozen, Tuxedo, Parka, or Mammoth or any world Rockhopper is in.
  • Shred plays on Club Penguin in the afternoon on weekdays, and anytime on the weekend.
  • Shred’s player card is made up of the stuffed parrot, the snowflake t-shirt, pirate boots, red bandanna, and green sunglasses.
  • Shred’s favorite party was the April Fools Party of 2007.
  • Shred also could be wearing two puffles, his red puffle or his blue.

Here is Shred’s Playercard. Click to enlarge:

Here are some of Shreddude87’s many faces on Club Penguin!



Thanks for reading and hope to see you on Club Penguin!

One Response

  1. hey shred my puffles have a little brother who is a red puffle which his name is knuckles he can speak and type say hi knuckles

    knuckles:hi!!! Dhreddude87!!!!!!!!!!!

    see he knows most of u wordpressers

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