Christmas Time In The City…

Hey all. Well, Christmas is tomorrow.  I’m so excited (and yet somewhat sad) to see ti come. It means Santa with his sleigh, and presents. But, it also means being with family. Christmas is the greatest holiday ever, not just for the toys and glitter and mad-rushes to stores, but because it is a time  for family to come together and connect with each other. Of course, you don’t want Christmas to come because it means your break is almost over and you have a report due after break (like me), treasure Christmas, then panic and pray and work on it.Well, I look out my window and see a bright sun, and no snow, I think of Santa, coming to my home tonight, and of how happy he will make my family.  Well, I have to go bake Christmas cookies and finish working on wrapping my gifts. Bye!

Merry Christmas!


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